How Do Famous Dog Trainers Train Your Pet to Ring Bell?



Training your dog to ring the doorbell when they want to go outside is easier than you think. A potty bell indicates their need to be eliminated. The first step is teaching your dog how to ring a bell and associate it with the door. Before beginning this training,Guest Posting make sure that your dog already understands that they must eliminate outdoors only.


Using jingle bells that you can hang next to the door will be appropriate for this purpose. Other options are a dinner bell-style bell or a more high-tech bell option.


How to train dogs to ring a bell?


The process begins with teaching your dog how to ring a bell and then associating it with the door. Finally, apply the training to teach them that they need to ring the bell as a signal to go outside and eliminate.


1.    Reward your dog every time they ring the bell


Hold the bell in your hands and let your dog investigate it. Encourage them to check the bell out thoroughly. Most dogs will smell the bell and touch it with their nose. Famous dog trainers advise that owners should not ring the bell themselves because the noise can be startling for them initially.


Do not force the dogs to interact with bells. Keep them on the ground and let your dog notice them. If he is too nervous about the bell initially, reward them because he is looking at the bell. Move your hands on the top of the bell and reward your dog each time he touches the bell.


2.    Hang the bell next to the door


Hang the bell next to the door that leads directly to the outside of your house. Every time your dog smells or touches the bell, do not forget to reward them. Pause for a few seconds if he is ringing the bell too gently. Famous dog trainers say dogs will soon realize they are not getting rewarded. So they will hit the ball harder. Reward this action.


Keep reminding your dog of the bell by touching it. Give them treats only when they touch the bell and not your hand. The next step is to move away from the door. Wait for your dog to ring the bell. Give them a bit of space by avoiding pointing at the bell and watching this work.


3.    Apply the training to pottying


Wait for your dog to ring the bell. Once they do so, reward them, open the door, and let them out. After they go outside, give them treats again. Gradually, start rewarding only if they go outside. Once you notice your dog is constantly ringing the bell to move outdoors, stop giving them food rewards. With time, your dog will realize that the relief of elimination is itself a reward.

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