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How Long is The Movie His Girl Friday (1940)


Discover the plot summary and running time of His Girl Friday in this informative blog post.Are you a fan of classic movies? Have you ever wondered how long the film His Girl Friday (1940) actually is? In this blog post, we will explore the running time of this iconic movie and provide a concise plot summary for those who may be interested in watching it. His Girl Friday is a beloved comedy film directed by Howard Hawks and starring Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell. Join us as we delve into the details of this timeless classic and uncover everything you need to know about its running time and plot. Whether you’re a movie buff or just looking for your next film to watch, this blog post will provide all the information you need about His Girl Friday. So sit back, relax, and let’s take a trip down memory lane to explore this captivating film.

Plot Summary of His Girl Friday

His Girl Friday is a classic screwball comedy film starring Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell. The movie is based on the play The Front Page by Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur, but with a twist – this time, the lead character is female. The plot follows hard-nosed newspaper editor Walter Burns, played by Grant, who is trying to win back his ex-wife and star reporter Hildy Johnson, played by Russell. As Hildy prepares to leave the newspaper business and get married, Walter tries to sabotage her plans while at the same time trying to keep her on as his top reporter.

The film is set in the fast-paced world of journalism, with rapid-fire dialogue and witty banter between the characters. The plot is filled with comedic misunderstandings, mistaken identities, and a frenetic pace that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that Walter is not just trying to win back Hildy for personal reasons – he also needs her help to cover a major breaking news story that could make or break his career.

Despite the chaos and shenanigans that ensue, the movie ultimately delivers a heartwarming message about the power of love, friendship, and the thrill of the chase. With its sharp wit, charismatic performances, and clever storytelling, His Girl Friday remains a beloved classic that continues to entertain audiences to this day.

So, if you’re in the mood for a timeless comedy that will keep you laughing from start to finish, look no further than His Girl Friday for a plot filled with twists, turns, and plenty of charm.

Running Time of His Girl Friday

His Girl Friday is a classic screwball comedy film that was released in 1940. The running time of the movie is approximately 92 minutes. The film is known for its fast-paced dialogue and quick-witted banter, which keeps the audience engaged from start to finish. The plot revolves around a newspaper editor, Walter Burns, who is trying to win back his ex-wife and former star reporter, Hildy Johnson, while also dealing with a big breaking news story. The quick running time of the film perfectly matches its rapid-fire dialogue and fast-moving plot.

Throughout the movie, the characters are constantly on the move, both physically and in their conversations, which adds to the overall energy of the film. The brisk running time allows for the story to unfold without any unnecessary padding, creating a tight and captivating viewing experience. The film’s well-paced running time is a testament to the skill of the director, Howard Hawks, in crafting a tightly woven narrative that is both entertaining and exhilarating.

Despite the film’s relatively short running time, it manages to pack in a wealth of humor, drama, and character development. The quick pace of the film keeps the audience engaged and invested in the story, as there is never a dull moment. The running time of His Girl Friday perfectly complements the film’s sharp wit, snappy dialogue, and dynamic performances, making it a timeless classic that continues to delight audiences to this day.

In conclusion, the running time of His Girl Friday at 92 minutes is a perfect fit for the film’s lively and fast-paced storytelling. The film’s quick tempo, rapid dialogue, and energetic performances are all enhanced by the concise running time, creating a memorable and captivating movie experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the plot summary of His Girl Friday?

His Girl Friday is about a newspaper editor named Walter Burns who tries to win back his ex-wife and former star reporter, Hildy Johnson, who is about to marry another man and leave town, by manipulating her into covering one last story.

How long is the movie His Girl Friday?

The running time of His Girl Friday is 92 minutes.

Who are the main characters in His Girl Friday?

The main characters in His Girl Friday are Walter Burns, Hildy Johnson, and Bruce Baldwin.

When was His Girl Friday released?

His Girl Friday was released on January 18, 1940.

Who directed His Girl Friday?

His Girl Friday was directed by Howard Hawks.

Is His Girl Friday based on a play?

Yes, His Girl Friday is based on the play ‘The Front Page’ by Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur.

What genre is His Girl Friday?

His Girl Friday is a blend of comedy, romance, and drama, often categorized as a screwball comedy.

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